Futaba plays the role of the tough, boy-hating tsundere. Futaba has a younger sister, Wakaba. She is less than enthusiastic about the co-ed trial run of the schools, and acts as the self-appointed protector of the girls against the boys of Kanenone.

She is particularly disgusted by the antics of the Baka Trio, and does not hesitate to resort to physical violence against them as punishment for their indiscretions. After the Baka Trio pulls a humiliating prank on her, she decides to leave Kanenone immediately on her own.

She gets lost and injured in the woods but is rescued by Yuusuke, who carries her back to Kanenone. This act of kindness, along with an earlier display of chivalry by Yuusuke to protect her modesty, sparks feelings inside her for the boy, and Futaba soon finds herself falling in love with Yuusuke. The two become a couple in "Erolutions".


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